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Wall-To-Wall Acoustics

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Soundproofing Acoustic Wall Panels are an
effective, durable and affordable solution
for all commercial walling applications.

Our Acoustic Wall Panels are becoming the
most popular choice for architects, designers,
and specifiers for commercial installations
such as offices, education, retail, shop fits,
hospitality, healthcare, sports & recreation.
All Acoustic Wall Panels are both Pin and
Velcro receptive.

Our Soundproofing Acoustic Wall Panels are
laminated in Australia are now offered to
designers, builders, architects & installers as the
premier fabric panels for walling applications
and ceiling application, where sound
absorbency and interior design are paramount.
In this current age, clients are demanding an
environment that is free from sound spill and
reverberation within public areas where
oratory, announcements and simple
conversation are preserved as pure sound.

Features & Benefits
– Manufactured in Australia
– Environmentally friendly
– 100% recyclable
– Durable & hardwearing
– Receptive to Velcro & Pins
– Easy to clean & maintain
– Insect & Mildew resistant
– Not affected by moisture
– Will never fray
– Made from UV stabilised fibres
– Resists pressure marks
– Fire retardant & flame proof
– Non-toxic
– Non-allergenic

Our Clients
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